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HOLDIE press releases

Die Presse

April 2021 - Wow. What a great story about our company. Thank you Christine Ozlberger for the great coverage and the wonderful Liane Seitz for making this possible.

H.O.M.E. Magazine

August 2021 - The joy was great when we discovered our HOLDIE maskholders in H.O.M.E. magazine. Thank you Team H.O.M.E. for the nice coverage.

The Standard | RONDO

April 2021 - Thanks to the team of RONDO for this nice coverage in the matter of HOLDIE mask holder. The joy was great!

Kleine Zeitung

June 2021 - The summer holdies can be found in this issue of the Kleine Zeitung. Many thanks dear team of the Kleine Zeitung.

Die Oberösterreicherin

March 2021 - On the occasion of International Women's Day, I, as a native of Upper Austrian, was allowed to share my thoughts on entrepreneurship. Thanks for the nice coverage to the team of the Oberösterreicherin.


March 2021 - Being featured in Kathrin Schuster's Editor's Choice is a special honor for our HOLDIE masking bands. Thank you Kathrin Schuster for the great feature.


January 2021 - On Guten Morgen Austria, the wonderful Eva Pölzl presented the HOLDIE masking bands. So cool. Thank you dear Eva!

Freizeit Kurier

December 2020 - Yay, right at the start we made it into the magazine Freizeit vom Kurier. That makes us very happy. Thank you!

moments magazine

April 2021 - A HOLDIE for the Oldie... Thanks for the coverage and use of our first HOLDIE maskholders mood pics (#me) dear moments team.

sheconomy magazine

December 2021 - Thank you sheconomy for the nice coverage and for raising the issue of lockdown startups by women.

Wiener Bezirkszeitung

February 2021 - Our story in the complete edition of the Wiener Bezirkszeitung. We were very pleased. Thank you Thomas Netopilik for the nice coverage.


April 2021 - And also the NÖN reports about our practical HOLDIE mouth-nose-protection pendants. Many thanks for the nice coverage.

Chefinfo Special

April 2021 - Unfortunately we still can't do away with the masks, but at least wearing them stylishly with us is possible through our HOLDIE mask holders. Thanks to the Chefinfo team for the great feature.

NEWS Magazine

April 2021 - That's good news. Our HOLDIE mask straps in the current NEWS magazine. Thank you Gabriela Schnabel for the great coverage.

VALID Magazine

April 2021 - How cool, also the VALID magazine reports. Many thanks to the team, we are very happy!

Krone Bunt Magazine

June 2021 - Love it. We made it into the Kronen Zeitung. Thanks to the team for the nice coverage, also about the other great products Made in Vienna.


July 2021 - WOW. Editor's Chioice in Wien.Look.Live! magazine - we are very happy about that. Thank you Uschi Fellner and team!