HOLDIEs - practical companions

It all started with the idea of the HOLDIE mask strap, which became a practical companion for many and can be used post-pandemic as a keychain, name tag lanyard or keycoin holder. 

The next innovation were the Kids-HOLDIEs.  With a length of 35.5 cm, these mask holders are adapted to the body size of children. The magnetic clasp in the neck can be easily opened and children can safely go through their daily routine.

B2B the HOLDIEs are available with individual branding on the HOLDIE charm.


The HOLDIE Bag Sheriff® combines a beautiful wristband with a safety strap, which can be easily attached to the bag by means of a magnetic twist lock
. The bag secured, fastened to chair or table, the chat can begin relaxed.

And what makes the HOLDIE Bag® special?
Conventional functional bags are usually only one thing: practical. The style factor falls by the wayside. From now on, the XXL Allrounder HOLDIE Bag® "practical" can be perfectly combined with "stylish". The HOLDIE Bag® is made of sustainable polyethylene - Made in Austria - and is available in four different versions. Due to its cool design the HOLDIE BAG® also cuts a fine figure as a travel bag when arriving at a chic hotel.


And the stylish, unisex HOLDIE Lunettes Spectacle Strap
- for glasses and sunglasses of all kinds - will serve all wearers:inside
well in the future. Super practical and unmistakable with the typical
central pull point, it impresses with nonchalance and is thus
strikingly different from conventional glasses chains and straps.