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OneTwoHold GmbH

FFP 2 Mask KIDs

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Colorful FFP2 masks for children. If mask, then at least colorful. So that in the lives of our little ones, a bit of color comes.


Respilon manufactures self-sterilizing respirators. They are designed and manufactured according to the double barrier principle.

Their nanofiber membrane blocks 99.7-99.9% of viruses. The layers of accelerated copper oxide on the inside and outside of the respirator do the rest - they deactivate and kill the viruses. As a result, you get a unique and absolutely reliable product that protects you and your environment.

Thanks to a unique technology, the respirators of the VK line can be used repeatedly and even better without maintenance. The respirator does not need to be sterilized, the VK firewall is self-sufficient. The recommended duration of use is up to 1 week (the cumulative time for repeated use of a single respirator is approximately 30 hours).

VK respirators are incredibly lightweight and, thanks to the nanofiber membrane, very comfortable even after prolonged wear.

Nanofiber respirators protect you from viruses, bacteria, smog and pollen and eliminate unpleasant odors.

All this thanks to its nanofiber membrane and a layer of activated carbon.

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The masks for adults come in sizes M and L. Those for the kids, in Small.