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HOLDIE BAG® Beauty Matte

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Conventional functional bags are usually only one thing, namely practical. The style factor usually falls by the wayside. From now on, "practical" can be perfectly combined with "stylish" with the XXL HOLDIE Bag® - and that (in the silver version) even with heat insulation effect. Whether you are shopping in the city, doing sports, on the beach or in the mountains - the HOLDIE Bag®, whose basic material is made of Austrian polyethylene, is a wonderful companion for all situations. It is sometimes large, very large or sometimes smaller, it can be folded flat or rolled up, it is waterproof and wipeable and its heat-repellent. The HOLDIE BAG® Beauty, made of 100% Austrian polyethylene, consists of the base material used for bathing and garden loungers and is particularly tear-resistant. With its stylish design, the HOLDIE BAG® also is looking great as a travel bag when arriving at a chic hotel.


The basic material of the HOLDIE Bags is Made in Austria. The sustainable polyethylene of the Bag Beautys is 100% recyclable. That of the silver bags contains fine silver threads, and is for this reason not 100% recyclable, but still to a high degree. Since the silver material is actually made in its use for cooling blinds, it keeps the contents of the bag cooler than conventional functional bags, which is a particular advantage when used as a bath bag. The straps, as well as the buttons, are not recyclable, but I'm always looking for suppliers to bring innovation to the market.... so stay tuned. And for the H, we use HOLDIE maskholders with blemishes, but that doesn't detract from the beauty of the HOLDIE bag.

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At the top edge the HOLDIE Bag measures 90 cm, which can be reduced to 70 cm by the attached snaps.
Height: 37 cm
Bottom: 55 cm x 35 cm
Strap length: short - 26 cm | long - 75 cm

Care Instructions

The sustainable polyethylene is easy to clean with soapy water or water.