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HOLDIE Brace* Golden Shine

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There is no true problem solver in the HOLDIE Brace* Collection. Rather, I meet the desire of my customers to design a more delicate HOLDIE bracelet for the wrist. The HOLDIE Brace* Golden Shine is available in four different lengths (38 | 40 | 42 | 44 cm). Like the HOLDIE Bag Sheriff it is worn double wrapped. If you want, you can add a knot to the band. Then the length is reduced by 3 cm. As usual, the casual, unisex bracelets are made of braided, exclusive faux leather.


The HOLDIE Brace* is made of exclusive braided eco-friendly faux leather (PU leather/vegan leather).

Depending on the screen, the product image may differ slightly from the actual color of the product. As sturdy as our HOLDIE Brace* are, they do wear a bit after very long wear and continuous use.

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The HOLDIE Brace*s is available in four different lengths:
38 | 40 | 42 | 44 cm

Who wants can tie a knot. This shortens the length of the bracelet by about 3 cm.


Gently clean with water or soapy water.