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KIDS HOLDIE Pink Butterfly

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The KIDS HOLDIE is with a length of 35.5 cm adapted to the height of children (but also well wearable for adults). The magnetic closure at the neck is easy to open and lets the kids go through everyday life safely. The KIDS HOLDIE is also made of an eco-friendly, non-toxic and tear-resistant imitation leather. The HOLDIE leather strap is braided in a round shape. At the end of the strap there is a small metal carabiner to which the mouth-nose guard can be directly attached. The small metal plate with the exclusive laser engraving, is a real eye-catcher. The particularly light leather strap feels silky and smooth. The body's own warmth makes it particularly cuddly. KIDs HOLDIEs are robust and easy to clean. KIDS HOLDIE - holds what protects you.


The HOLDIE mask holders are eco-friendly made of exclusive PU leather (synthetic/vegan leather). At the end of the strap there is a TÜV certified metal carabiner which can be easily opened, just like the magnetic closure at the neck. Each HOLDIE mask strap also comes with a metal HOLDIE charm.

As durable as our HOLDIEs are, they do wear a bit after very long wear and continuous use.

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Length: 35.5 cm
Width: 4 mm

Care Instructions

Easy to clean, just gently rub with a little soapy water and sponge.

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